We are not small and we are not big

Essebi Autotrasporti Srl was born in 'far' 1995, as a natural evolution of Botturi Sergio Autotrasporti founded in 1978, a small individual company whose name belongs to the owner and founder, Botturi Sergio, now sole director of our company. Passion and interest in a sector that is constantly evolving today, pushes Mr. Botturi to broaden his horizons and acquire greater experience and skills in road freight transport. Over the years, our company has stood out for its professionalism and flexibility, as well as for the availability of different types of vehicles and the punctuality of the service, earning the trust and respect of its customers, among whom illustrious and important names stand out, and whom we have collaborated stably and lastingly for a long time.

Serving our customers, satisfying them, solving daily problems together with them, always improving our work and collaborating with sector partners who help us to carry out our profession, which is so detailed and complex; this is what we are committed to doing. We occupy, in the West Industrial Area of ​​Castiglione delle Stiviere (MN), a proprietary area of ​​20,000 m2, used as a square/parking area, as well as offices and warehouses. Our administrative headquarters is also the operational core of the company; from here we coordinate and implement our work.

With us you can grow

Today more than 70 employees work with us, we have a fleet of 51 vehicles and we have covered warehouses covering over 30,000 m2 available to our customers. and 10,000 m2 uncovered. We are comfortably seated at the table of the medium-sized Italian company, which fully describes us and our country. With us you can talk, you can reason, you can bargain and discuss.

Competent staff

The staff, with great experience in the sector and directly hired by Essebi Autotrasporti, therefore not coming from cooperatives or temporary hiring, trained through an accurate training process and able to offer a high quality service, is assisted in its work by a Warehouse Management IT system with latest generation Wifi devices capable of identifying goods by positioning, batches and deadlines in order to manage all storage and possible picking activities.



Essebi is certificated Smeta Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit, a recognition of our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices. The certification reflects our ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards in supply chain management. Thanks to Smeta, we guarantee transparency and integrity in every aspect of our business.



We pay attention to ecology and we’re constantly committed to trying to carry out our work with the least possible environmental impact, which is why we are getting the EPD certification from our partner and tire supplier Michelin. In fact our entire fleet of vehicles is made up of latest generation:  all Euro 6 and equipped with Michelin tires.






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