We are mostly specialize in the transport of non-perishable food goods; we have well-established relationships with the large-scale retail trade environment, whereby we collaborate for several years.

However, the wide range of vehicles that we have, allows us to diversify the type of goods transported.

Our offices are constantly in contact with customers and traveling staff, ensuring that the exchange of information during the numerous phases of transport is always up to date.

This allows the various operators in the sector to interact in real time, allowing us to quickly resolve any type of problem that may arise during the course of our work.

The owned vehicle fleet consists of 51 vehicles of various sizes, capacities and capacities.

The majority are made up of tractors equipped with a demountable system with double body, vans and curtainsider, with 23/25 pallets. Then there are G.V. trucks. of 38 pallets, 33 pallet trucks, and 3-axle tractors equipped with tail lifts.

Walking floor

With our walkin floor semi-trailers, palletised on 33 pallets, we load 300q of loose material of various types (which we can deliver throughout Europe, guaranteeing fast and precise unloading), at the ports of Marghera and Ravenna, destined for the warehouses located in our area, for the mixing and production of animal feed.

Groupage service

We transport goods to Sardinia and Sicily, via containers, collaborating with our partners Gruppo Grendi and Kopetra, carrying out groupage and distribution services of goods, in all locations of the two islands.

With us you can grow

Today more than 70 employees work with us, we have a fleet of 51 vehicles and we have covered warehouses covering over 30,000 m2 available to our customers. and 10,000 m2 uncovered. We are comfortably seated at the table of the medium-sized Italian company, which fully describes us and our country. With us you can talk, you can reason, you can bargain and discuss.


Essebi Autotrasporti is also operational abroad.
We cover Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Spain e Portugal with our services.

Vehicle Pack

Our vehicle fleet consists of 51 vehicles of various sizes and capacities.

For requests or information do not hesitate to contact us!