Today, attention to costs and delivery times are very important factors to select a transport company.

In this sense, logistics services take on a fundamental position to monitor all phases of the production process and as their objective they have the task of minimizing costs and reducing delivery times.

For this reason we choose to invest in these services, in addition to the 20,000 m2 storage area of ​​the Castiglione delle Stiviere headquarters, today we have another logistics warehouse, a few kilometers from the main office, of a further 20,000 m2, which 10,000 are covered, located in the Fascia d'Oro Nord Industrial Area in Montichiari (BS). This area allows us to satisfy even broader storage, transport, distribution needs.

The Montichiari and Castiglione hubs are connected by a stable and effective IT system, which speeds up and facilitates the exchange of orders and information between warehouses and offices.



Strategic position

Located in a strategic position, 4 kilometers from the Brescia Est toll booth, in Località Fascia d'Oro, the new Essebi Autotrasporti logistics hub was created with the aim of providing further logistics services to its customers.

Connected with the main national and foreign routes, it is an optimal point for sorting, storage and a starting and arriving point for primary and secondary transport.

The building occupies an area of ​​approximately 6700 m2 and is fully equipped with drive-in shelving.

Industry 4.0

We also offer the possibility of real-time connection and interfacing our client's management software with our information system so as to streamline the exchange of logistical information and data. The site is equipped with 8 electric flaps with related bays for loading/unloading goods and 3 rear ones as well as other lateral auxiliary entrances. We are comfortably seated at the table of the medium-sized Italian company, which fully describes us and our country. With us you can talk, you can reason, you can bargain and discuss.

Competent staff

The staff, with great experience in the sector and directly hired by Essebi Autotrasporti, therefore not coming from cooperatives or temporary hiring, trained through an accurate training process and able to offer a high quality service, is assisted in its work by a Warehouse Management IT system with latest generation Wifi devices capable of identifying goods by positioning, batches and deadlines in order to manage all storage and possible picking activities.

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